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Press Release: CSS President/CEO and MTA Board Member David R. Jones Applauds DA Alvin Bragg’s Decision Not to Criminally Prosecute Fare Evasion

Arresting and prosecuting individuals for fare evasion is a no-win situation. It does not appear to act as much of a deterrent and does not result in increased fare or fine collection. And – as Community Service Society research has shown – NYPD fare evasion enforcement has focused mostly on young people, primarily Black and brown men, who are saddled with indelible criminal records that can close doors to jobs, housing and full participation in the life of this City.

Testimony: Good Cause Eviction Brings Widespread Benefits to New York

According to our 2021 Unheard Third survey—the longest running scientific survey of low-income communities in the nation— 41 percent of low-income respondents lost employment income in their household during the pandemic, compared to 29 percent of those with moderate to higher incomes. Today, nearly 92,000 people across the state are homeless.

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In 1966, 23 men and women joined a new CSS project founded on a revolutionary idea—that the skills and experience of older adults represented a great, untapped resource.

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One-third of NYC's voting-age citizens lives in a low-income household. Find out about the hopes and challenges of "The Unheard Third."

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